Sunday, 8 September 2013

Well that was fast.....

Hmmm, so that went well then. Only two and a half years since I decided to set up a blog to push myself to sew something more than just curtains.
Well in the meantime; I got married, started two new jobs and yes, actually did finish painting the hallway. Super stressful, (not the hallway!) but still not really a good excuse for NOT sewing, especially when I read all the gorgeous and inspiring blogs full of multi-tasking genius'.

Yes I admit it; I may not have been industrious myself, but I certainly have spent many a happy coffee break at work avidly reading blogs.... completely blog-stalking; each page linking me onto yet another informative, funny or just plain classy read. I've been devouring tips and tricks just dreaming of getting stuck in myself. I've  also been collecting; not only beautiful vintage patterns, but also some  pant-wettingly gorgeous indie patterns that are just crying out to be made.

Well finally, I've pulled my finger out and can proudly say I am slowly making time to actually put needle to cloth.
IN another couple of months the show I have worked so hard on will have it's final audience, and although I will be then skint, I will have oodles of time to progress with my vintage pattern projects.

In the meantime, I'll be very contented practicing on a few of the really amazing patterns that are pretty well known on the blog circuit. An Anna Dress from By Hand London, (already completed- I love it!!!!) a Matilda Blouse from Tilly and the Buttons. (Also Love!!!!) and I have one of Tasia's gorgeous creations all the way from Vancouver, Sewaholic's Torfino trousers, which I am yet to try, but am really looking forward to making now the autumn is here.
I love how much love and attention to detail is given with these patterns. The instructions are always precise and easy for beginners like me to follow, and there are often online tutorials to go with them to help if you are attempting some new technique. How great to have such a supportive online community.

I'm going to grab some pictures of my Anna dress to post.... ( I'm sooooo excited I finished a whole dress!) but first I might have to spend five minutes cuddling with these two .

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